Request For Information (RFI)

Solicitation Number: 500-17-003.01
Date of Issue: February 1, 2019
RFI Title: Building and Property Security Layout

Chester Metropolitan District (District) is soliciting information from potential bidders for a new security system including intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance. The District is currently in the process of renovating their existing administrative and maintenance facility and will have the system installed during construction.

The District seeks information, including but not limited to layout and equipment, that will enable the District to efficiently secure their premises at 155 Wylie Street. The building includes the following areas: lobby, tellers, offices, conference room, and warehouse. All areas will need to be access controlled except the lobby which is open to the public. The site consists of: automated vehicle gates, open storage areas, and open sheds. The gates will require access control and the storage areas and sheds will require theft deterrence, which may include intrusion detection, video surveillance, or other means as determined by the Respondent. The proposed building layout and existing site plan is included as part of this package.