Pinckney Street - 06-16-16
(left to right) Foreman Vernon Price, Michael Hudson, Hunter Jacobs, Foreman Tim Causey, Superintendent Chad Byars, Russell Gregory

During the early hours of the evening last night, CMD discovered a break on the 10″ main located in the Pinckney Street roadway near Celsey Street. Our crews have been on the scene¬†throughout the night working to locate the source of the leak and repair it.

Early this morning, the source was found, and crews are now working to make the repairs and restore service to the affected houses.

Due to its age and unpredictable nature, this section of water main is scheduled for elimination from the system. A new service line will be installed to serve the residences fed by this line, and the old pipe will be cut and capped, removing the potential for breakage and traffic interruption.

We apologize for the inconvenience this maintenance work has caused, and we are working to clear the area as quickly and safely as possible. Please use caution when driving in the area, and consider an alternate route if one is available.