Backflow Testing Program

What is the Backflow Program?

The Backflow Program is a state-mandated program designed to protect public water systems from contamination through Cross-Connections.

Cross-Connections are points where the public water system comes into contact with another water source (a private plumbing system in a house or business, an industrial fire retention pond, etc.), usually located at or near a water meter. On very rare occasions, water pressure in the private water system is greater than in the public water system, causing water to “backflow” from the private water source back into our lines. This has the potential to contaminate our system, making the water temporarily undrinkable.

Every connection in the public water system is required by state mandate to have a backflow prevention device installed.  Installation and maintenance of appropriate backflow prevention assemblies or devices prevents contamination of supply lines from cross-connections.

Who Installs and Maintains Backflow Devices?

All residential dual-check devices (3/4″ and 1″) are installed and maintained by CMD as part of the metering equipment. There is no additional charge to the customer for this service.

All other connections require different types of devices and are the responsibility of the property owner or account holder to install and maintain in accordance with state-mandated specifications. All installations must be completed by a licensed plumber and annual testing must be completed by a SCDHEC-Certified Backflow Tester.

Why is there a fee? What's it for? Who pays it?

A $12.00 administrative fee applies to each test submittal to cover the cost of the submission system and administrative/regulatory fees related specifically to the Backflow Program. The fees are paid by the Backflow Tester when the test is submitted, not by the property owner or account holder.


As of May 24, 2021, the Chester Metropolitan District will no longer accept manually-submitted Backflow Test Results. This includes hard copies (hand-delivered or mailed), email, and facsimile copies

All Backflow test results must be submitted by a SCDHEC-Certified Backflow Tester online using our new Backflow Test Submission Portal. There will be a $12.00 fee per test.

You will be redirected to a secure third-party site owned by SwiftComply to complete the enrollment and submission process. 

All current and new testers must enroll in order to continue submitting tests. Instructions on Enrollment, as well as support and knowledge, may be found in the Additional Resources below.



Kelli Johnson
Backflow Program Administrator
(803) 581-9257
[email protected]