Backflow Test Submission Instructions

Each tester working in CMD's Service Area must be certified by South Carolina DHEC. Prior to submitting test results, please ensure your information is up to date (including certification number, expiration date, and test kit information) or, if new to the CMD System, Request System Access.


    • Visit the Tokay Software Web Test Portal and log in using the credentials provided to you.
    • Select the company for which you are testing, then click "Add Test". Enter the Serial number (or meter number if serial number is not available) to select the tested device. A Hazard Number may be available for existing devices by calling the CMD Office and speaking with a Backflow Program Representative.
    • Verify Site Profile information. If a chance is needed or a device has been replaced, use the radio buttons at the top of the tab to select the appropriate page. When complete, click "Confirm and Enter Results".


  • Enter All required Data Test Information. This page will change in appearance and requirements depending on the type of device installed. When complete, click "Save" to move to the review screen. If you wish to add additional tests, click "Add Test" and repeat the process as necessary.
  • When ready to submit tests, click "Review Tests" at the top of the page. Select all tests you wish to submit.
    If you wish to view your submission history, click the "Submitted" Tab. This function is searchable and will include confirmation numbers for submitted tests.
  • By submitting tests, you will be prompted for payment. Enter your payment information and submit. Be sure to retain a copy of your Confirmation Number after the transaction is complete.