Water Service Rate Schedule

Standard Water Rates

Effective July 1, 2024

The Base Rate for water service is determined by customer meter size (or water line size for unmetered fire suppression systems).
Usage is billed per gallon.

Meter Size Base Rate
3/4" $19.39
1" $29.07
1.5" $53.04
2" $81.92
3" 149.35
4" $245.68
6" $486.26
8" $775.08
10" $1,112.13
Volumetric Charges
0-5,000,000 gallons $9.71 per thousand gallons
Cost per Gallon $0.00971
5,000,001-10,000,000 gallons $8.74 per thousand gallons
10,000,001-15,000,000 gallons $7.77 per thousand gallons
15,000,001+ gallons $7.28 per thousand gallons



Non-Payment Fee $45.00
After-Hours Reconnect Fee $69.00
Pulled Meter Fee $69.00
Late Fee $3.00
Unauthorized Usage Fee $500.00



Up to 1", same side of road $1,650.00
All Over 1" or requiring non-standard work Cost of Installation

NOTE: New taps may also be subject to Capital Recovery Fees. Click Here for more information.



Single Day Permit $50.00
15-Day Permit $100.00
30-Day Permit $200.00

30-Day permits are renewable prior to the end of the rental period. Users may reserve hydrants for multiple months in advance.

Hydrant water usage is billed at the standard volumetric rate per thousand gallons.

Wastewater & Garbage Rates

Chester Metropolitan District is not responsible for setting rates for municipal wastewater and garage services. CMD bills for these services through a series of agreements with the responsible authorities. The following information is provided as a courtesy to our customers. For questions or concerns regarding these rates, please contact the appropriate authority.