Cross-Connection Control Program: Residential Amendment

In compliance with Amendments to the South Carolina State Primary Drinking Water Regulations R.61-58.7(F), Cross Connection Control dated April 29, 2005, CMD adopts the following policy:

  1. CMD will conduct a system-wide survey to locate and identify all existing residential irrigation systems. Upon completion of survey, all residential irrigation systems will be brought into compliance with the new amendment. All future installations of residential irrigation systems will be installed in compliance with this amendment.
  2. All Low-Hazard Residential Irrigation Systems directly or indirectly connected to CMD water system must include the installation at the Minimum A Watts #7 residential dual check.
  3. CMD will require that the Watts #7 residential dual check be replaced on a biennial schedule, beginning in the 2006 Calendar Year.
  4. CMD Currently maintains Watts #7 dual checks on all ¾” and full bore at ¾” residential irrigation systems. Work orders will be issued for CMD maintenance crews to replace the currently existing Watts #7 dual checks. Upon completion, the work orders will be returned to the appropriate person in charge of the CMD cross-connection control program. The records will then be maintained along with all test results for DCV Assemblies and RPZ Backflow Preventers for that calendar Year for DHEC Inspection.
  5. All High-Hazard residential lawn irrigation systems will be required to install and maintain a Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer. All costs of such devices will be the responsibility of the homeowner. CMD will require the homeowner to have the RPZ Backflow Preventer tested on an annual basis by a SC DHEC-certified tester. Test results will be provided to CMD to maintain for DHEC inspection. A connection between an approved public water system and a service or other water system which has or may have any material in the water dangerous to health, or connected to any material dangerous to health, that is or may be handled under pressure or subject to negative pressure, shall be considered a High-Hazard category cross-connection.

Adopted by the CMD Board of Commissioners August 10, 2005.