Fire Flow Metering Policy

The Chester Metropolitan District’s Board of Commissioners adopted a Bond Resolution in 1997 that required all water service offered by the Chester Metropolitan District (District) be metered and that all water service provided by the District to the customer, be paid for by said customer, including fire service lines.

Fire service lines are dedicated connections to the public water system that are only used for fire protection. These water service lines are typically connected to a building’s fire sprinkler system but may also supply water to private fire hydrants.

Prior to the adoption of the 1997 Bond Resolution (Resolution), fire service lines were monitored with a backflow prevention device that included a specially designed bypass system called a detector. These devices were used to detect water usage but did not quantify it. Upon adoption of the Resolution, the District requires that new fire services lines, 4-inches in diameter and larger, be metered with a meter approved for fire service line use and comply with the District’s Cross-Connection Control Policy.

The District also requires that fire service lines installed prior to 1997, be retrofitted, at the Owner’s expense, to comply with this policy when one of the following actions occur:

  1. Property is sold/purchased;
  2. Owner initiated land-use or zoning changes;
  3. A building permit is obtained for improvements or repairs;
  4. Any modifications to the fire protection system or sprinklers;
  5. Usage of the fire service for any purpose other than fire protection.

Any fire service lines not in compliance with the District’s Cross-Connection Control Policy must be brought into compliance in accordance with the Cross-Connection Control Policy.