Customer Grievance Procedure

Chester Metropolitan District strives for superior customer service. Our CSR staff will help customers to the best of their ability, however we are not always able to accommodate every request. Should a customer be unhappy with the outcome of a request, the following actions must be taken:

  1. Collections Department: takes the initial complaint. If the cashier is unable to assist the customer satisfactorily, the customer may ask to speak with the CSR.
  2. Customer Service Representative: assists customers with complaints and unusual situations. While our CSR is willing to assist in any way possible, she is unable to hold bills for payment or waive payments and penalties.
  3. Office/Finance Manager: complaints which are not resolved by the CSR may be referred to the Finance Manager for review. If the Finance Manager is unable to make a determination or the customer believes he or she has not received proper care, he/she may then be referred to the Executive Director.
  4. Executive Director: will accept customer complaints only after the proper chain of command has been followed. The Executive Director, if unable to satisfy the customer’s complaint, may refer the customer to the Customer Grievance Committee. If a customer is unsatisfied with the Executive Director’s decision, he/she may also appeal the decision to the Customer Grievance Committee.
  5. Customer Grievance Committee: a Committee comprised of 3-4 commissioners. A written request to meet with the committee must be submitted to the Executive Director’s office, and a meeting will be scheduled at the convenience of the Committee. Meetings are limited to one (1) hour per customer. The committee will notify the customer of the decision by mail. The Decision of the Customer Relations Committee is considered final.

PLEASE NOTE: While the CMD Board of Commissioners does occasionally recognize limited public comment at their regular monthly meetings, they ask that customer service problems and complaints be addressed in the above manner. Commissioners are not involved in day-to-day operations of the District and are unable to satisfy customer service requests at Commission Meetings. Customers who wish to bring Customer Service complaints to the Board will be referred back to CSR staff to follow the proper channels.