New Service Requirements

Service Availability

The first step to becoming a customer of CMD is to determine if your home is within our service area. The Chester Metropolitan District serves the City of Chester, Town of Great Falls, Town of Richburg, Town of Fort Lawn, the Hwy 9 corridor, and many of the surrounding unincorporated areas. 

Other services, such as wastewater and garbage pickup, may be available depending on your location. Additional information on services in your location will be available when you apply for service.

If you do not currently have water service and are interested in becoming a customer, please fill out our Water Service Availability Form.

Properties which do not currently have a water tap will also be subject to Capital Recovery Fees and a Tap Fee prior to establishing service.

Establishing Service

Once it has been determined that we are capable of serving your home, you will need to apply for service. Our service application may be filled out in our office at 155 Wylie Street, or by using our Online Service Application. All applications for service require valid photo identification and proof of residence  (rental agreement/receipt, closing documents)

Applying In Person

Our lobby is currently closed. Customers may request a Service Application through the drive-through window and may return it along with photo ID and proof of residence. Deposit amounts and other services will be determined once the application is processed.


Applying Online

When applying for service using our online application, you will be required to upload your ID and proof of residence as attachments (JPG, PDF, or DOCX formats only). 

You will be contacted by a CMD Customer Service Representative with instructions on how to pay your deposit and what services are available to you. Service will be established once the deposit payment is received in our office. Please be aware that this process may take up to six (6) business days to complete.