Public Comment Procedure

The purpose of the Commission Meeting is to conduct the entity’s business. It is not a public forum, and public comment is not required to be granted at any meeting. Commission members allow public comment as a courtesy to customers, so long as certain rules and regulations are followed.

Regulations for Public Comment are as follows:

  • All Speakers must sign in on the sheets provided at the back of the room, and provide a first and last name. Speakers will be accepted in the order they sign in, and those not on the list at the start of the Public Comment period will not be allowed to speak.
  • All Speakers will be limited to three (3) minutes. Each speaking session will be timed and an alarm will sound at the end of the three minutes. Speakers are required to stop speaking immediately, and may not finish their statements unless given permission by the Board. A 2/3 majority vote is required to grant additional speaking time. The vote must be made per speaker.
  • Commissioners are not able to handle administrative issues during the meetings. It may be reported, but will not be resolved immediately. Information will be gathered by the Clerk, and the issue will be addressed by the appropriate staff members in the order they are received beginning the next business day. Customer service issues should follow proper chain of command and be referred to the Grievance Committee for resolution.
  • Anyone not on the agenda to speak but experiencing an issue may submit their account information and a brief description of the issue on provided notecards, which will be reviewed by the CSR team. Issues which cannot be rectified by CMD staff will be referred to the Grievance Committee.
  • Commissioners and Guests alike are required to remain professional and courteous at all times. Rude or abusive behavior will not be tolerated, and those exhibiting such behavior will forfeit speaking time and be asked to leave the building immediately.
  • Cheering, clapping, shouting, interruptions, and/or other disturbances are counterproductive and not permitted.
  • The Chairman may elect to halt public comment in the interest of time or if the public becomes unruly. Guests who sign in and are unable to speak may be asked to submit their comments in writing for Commission review, or return to the next month’s meeting to speak.
  • All attendees are welcome to stay for the duration of the meeting; however it is not required and they will not be permitted to speak or ask questions once the Public Comment portion of the meeting has concluded.