Water Tap Responsibility


This policy establishes procedures, guidelines, and/or requirements for residential water service taps connected to water mains owned or maintained by Chester Metropolitan District (District). This policy shall be used in conjunction with the District’s Water Service Responsibility Policy.


Residential – designed for people to permanently live in for use as a home (houses, apartments, townhouses, etc.)

Water Service Tap – connection between the public water distribution system and the Customer or end user.


The residential tap fee is a one-time fee for connection to the District’s water system to provide service to a residential property, with the following exceptions:

  1. A new tap fee payment shall be required if a larger meter size is requested;
  2. If a smaller meter is requested and the meter is not required to be replaced as part of the District’s maintenance, a fee shall be paid to cover the costs of materials (new meter, piping, fittings, meter box, etc.) that is required to install the smaller meter;
  3. A new tap fee payment shall be required if an additional water service (irrigation, outbuilding, etc.) is requested on a property;
  4. If a prior service connection cannot be located, even if a building is currently on the property, a new tap fee shall be paid. In the event an existing service is located during installation of a new service, the tap fee may be refunded with the approval of the Executive Director;
  5. Clogged or otherwise inoperable water services between the public water system and the meter will not require an additional tap fee payment for operable service.

As part of the tap fee, the District shall install a meter box cutoff valve, a water meter, and shut-off valve with box behind the meter at each service connection. If possible and practical, the meter location shall be in close proximity to the Owner’s property boundary adjacent the public water system. The District shall have exclusive right to use such cutoff valve, water meter, or other appurtenances to activate, maintain, or discontinue service.

The shut-off valve with box behind the meter is installed for your convenience. This will have a 90-day warranty. After 90 days all repairs and maintenance for the shut-off valve and box will become the responsibility of the property Owner.

The Owner shall install and maintain at his own expense a service line and customer shut-off valve, beginning at the discharge side of water meter and extending to his dwelling or building to be served.

The Owner’s service line shall connect to the water distribution system at the nearest practical and permitted location desired by the Owner, provided that the District has determined in advance that the water system is of sufficient capacity to permit acceptable delivery of water at that point. Serving more than one tax parcel with one meter is not allowed. Serving multiple units located on one tax parcel with one meter is not recommended.

The Owner agrees to purchase water from the District water meter at line pressure. It shall be the Owner’s responsibility to reduce the pressure on his side of the water meter if same is desired and/or required. Any pressure reducing devices shall be owned by the Owner and shall be located on his or her property and the District will not be responsible for such devices. The District assumes no responsibility for pressure related damage in the Owner’s system beyond the discharge side of the meter.

The Owner agrees that he will make no physical connection between any alternative water source or any source of potential contamination and the public water system. All services shall comply with the District’s Cross-Connection Control Policy.

The Owner, in requesting or accepting service on his or her property, thereby grants the District without charge the right to access the District’s pipelines, service lines, hydrants, and other appurtenances related to the public water system that are necessary to supply service to the Owner and to serve other customers who use the water system.