Meter Change Information

Chester Metropolitan District is upgrading the metering software and billing processes to provide more accurate usage data to its customers. Currently our meters only transmit data in 1,000-gallon increments. Once the software upgrade is complete, the residential meters will transmit data in 1-gallon increments. 2-inch and larger meters will transmit data in 10-gallon or 1,000-gallon increments depending on the size of the meter.

It may appear that customers’ bills are increasing, but they are not. Customers will continue to pay only for the water which has passed through the meter. The new bills will reflect actual usage instead of rounded down usage, which means the water portion of your bill may fluctuate from month to month based on the water you use.

The rates themselves are not changing and taxes will not increase because of this process. CMD does not receive tax money.

Bill Example

Current water cost is $8.23 per 1,000 gallons

DateActual ReadingCurrently Billed ReadingNew Billed Reading

Current Billing Structure:

MonthGallons BilledWater Charge
Two-Month Total2,000$16.46

New Billing Structure

MonthGallons BilledTotal Water Charge
February   782$6.44
Two-Month Total2,000$16.46

*This does not include monthly meter base charge.

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