***11/07/23 Update***

All Bacteriological Samples have passed. The Boil Water Notice has been lifted for all customers.

***11/06/23 Update***

Customers on Edwards Road, Carabrook Road, and Robinhood Road in Fort Lawn will remain under a Boil Water Notice. Bacteriological sampling in these areas has failed. Customers in these areas must continue to boil water vigorously for at least one (1) minute prior to using as outlined below.

All other customers may return to regular water use.


A BOIL WATER NOTICE is in effect for all Chester Metropolitan District customers. This notice comes as a result of a major water main break in Fort Lawn.

Boil water vigorously for at least one minute prior to drinking or cooking.

Customers should vigorously boil their tap water for one full minute prior to drinking, cooking, washing hands for food preparation, giving to pets, or for any use that could cause water to enter the mouth. Any ice made from water which has not been boiled must not be used for drinking purposes.

Once repairs are complete, CMD will continue to flush the affected areas and perform bacteriological testing. Customers will be notified once the problem is corrected and boiling water is no longer necessary. Please contact our office at (803) 385-5123 or visit www.facebook.com/chestermetropolitandistrict for more information.

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