Chlorine Burnout

The Chester Metropolitan District will be turning off the Ammonia in the water distribution system beginning Thursday, February 1, 2024, and will run straight chlorine disinfection for approximately one month. This process helps to keep the system disinfected and reduces the chances of bacteriological growth in water lines with lower flows.

CMD personnel will begin flushing water lines the week of February 1, 2024.  Customers may see fire hydrants flowing water unattended – this is part of the process and will be monitored by employees.

During this time, customers may also experience a stronger chlorine smell and/or taste in their tap water.  This is normal, and the water is still safe to drink.  If the water is allowed to stand in a glass for several minutes before drinking, the chlorine smell/taste will dissipate.

If you have questions or concerns about this project, please call the CMD Office at (803) 385-5123.

About the author: Kelli Johnson