Cycle 4 Billing Issues

For Customers in Cycle 4, please be aware that due to a processing issue in our billing system, your January bills were not mailed at the proper time. The issue has been corrected, and the bills will arrive in the coming days (either this week or next week).

Due to this error, CMD will not be charging Nonpayment fees or conducting Nonpayment cutoffs for Cycle 4 customers, which were scheduled for February 5-6, 2024.

Cycle 4 consists of customers on the following streets in Chester: Beacham, Brice, Celsey, Dawson, Devine, Dupree, W Elliott, Gage, Jones, Leslie, Pinckney, Pryor, Sirrine, Sweeney, Webber, White, Ballpark, Ballard, Coldstream, Dallas, Evergreen, Fieldcrest, Fifth, First, Fourth, Gardendale, McHord, Parkway, Roundtree, Saluda, Sanders, Second, Sixth, Still, Summersby, Third, Why Me Lord, Dewey, Epworth, Henry, Oakland, Pinckney, Reedy, West End, Academy, Bradley, Center, Foote, Hemphill, Juliet, Maiden, Main, McAliley, Moore, Peace, Pine, Sarah, Walker, Walnut, Wylie, York

Part or all of these streets’ residents may be affected by this. For questions about your billing cycle, please contact our office.

Regular billing processes will resume with the bills received in mid-February. Affected customers may see two months of charges on the bills mailed in February, depending on when payments are made. We apologize for the mix-up. Please contact our office with any questions you may have.

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